Hi there, 

so good to see you made it here!

You now entered the world as I see it, and I hope you like what you see. I sure loved taking every shot. 

My name is Arjen. I live in the netherlands and in my daily life I work as a mechanical engineer. Since 2016 I discovered the world of photography. It all started small, so I wanted to expand my horizon. I have a big heart for nature so that was easy. Landscaping is very interesting and birds stole my heart since I was a little boy.  

Later on I found myself into shooting portraits, glamourphotography and perhaps a little boudoir (covered nude or lingerie). Most of the time made with natural light, combined with strobist flash.. This is what I love to do most, the thrill to work with someone and get that SPECIAL moment…

Recently I started surf and in-water photography. I love to surf.. Combining that with photography is even better! 

Besides all that, I work for my girlfriends company. I am in charge of her productphotography and I work with her models.  

You see, I’m quite wide covered in photography. I love to shoot about anything and I like that the possibilities are endless. The world is my playground and the sun and moon are my lights. Beauty is just around every corner.  Perhaps you and I can make beauty, Someday sometime. Don’t hesitate to say hi and ask for information. It is OK if you have no plan yet, we can work it out. 
Take your time to enjoy my shop, it contains a selection of ‘my best’ and I think one of them might be just right for your place!